Hard work is paramount
but smart work is essential.

The Program

Hard work is paramount, but smart work is essential. My experience now become my purpose in building the footballer of the past, with the ability of the present, and for knowledge of the future.

The program I believe in is designed to create a reason and method for everything that happens on the pitch, a practical understanding of the game. I believe a soccer machine makes machines; I believe in cultivating what they already have, and fixing what stunts their potential from being a reality.

The goal of this program is to train, perfect, and maintain professionals with the end goal being great footballer’s with even better characters.

Health education is essential to longevity and fruitfulness. A body is a machine that must be managed and maintained properly.  This is encompassed in the program lead by our performance technician. A diet, sleep, and nutrition program  must be made for optimal performance.

Any business works on the premise of supply and demand. We don’t believe in creating a demand, we want to better our player, that is our objective. When a player is bought or signed by a club, under FIFA monies must be allocated back to the club which facilitated them. This is repeated till the player is twenty one.

All European trips will be to this end. If Europe is the sky than college is the clouds. We believe both help the parents, but our trading will be geared towards Europe only.

Our system is designed for success. For this reason upon monies received by foreign clubs or colleges for the signing of our player, all money paid to the club for training up until the date of signing will be reimbursed to the parent. This can be used for visitation to ensure the player is settled in and comfortable in the first few months or years.

We believe in investment, so we offer this incentive. In this country too many people profit from a poor man’s game for the wrong reason. Showing very little true success for the gross amounts of players they take. We will not stand in the way of anyone who chooses to leave. We ask for six months commitment upon commencement of the program. Though this may tarnish progress with the performance technician, it gives you freedom.

Many of the world’s richest entrepreneurs had one thing in common; they were different. A concentrated group of talented players who have the same goal and drive can do much more than a large group of individuals. I am living proof, and all who learn from me can be better. I can only offer my best; this is my best offer.

Dave Simpson